The human potential is as
vast and profound as the
depths of our oceans.


Only you can decide how much distance there will be between the life you have and the life you desire. You can achieve more than you ever knew. Take the plunge with us.
The beginning belongs to you.

Humanity has an innate fascination and allegiance with water—from our earliest evolution, to the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicine we rely upon, and the civilization we've become.

Just like "you," "me," and "we" are all connected, our relationship with the ocean is everlasting, refreshing and reminding us of the profound potential in our own unknown and uncharted depths. The human spirit can accomplish so much. Life is a journey to be enjoyed.

When you listen and respect your body through safe and effective movement, eating healthful, nutritious foods, and maximizing joy, you can achieve a higher level of health: real wellness.

Helping people obtain that through sustainability is what we are all about. This is why we worked with our visionary team to create new wellness technology called optimumMe. This is the same technology we used to train for our swim.

We are a Body of Water

Our bodies are 78% water when we are born from our mother's oceanic womb, and steadies to 60% as we age,
but our brain remains composed of 80% water, keeping us constantly connected to our aqueous roots.

water Water is vital to our makeup; it is essential for the continuation life. Covering more than 70% of the earth's surface, there is no denying that the health of the ocean directly affects our personal wellness.
swiming That is why we believe in the importance of sustainable wellness for all, and why we are embarking on an epic journey to Swim to Africa.

Taking the Plunge Toward
Wellness for All

  1. 4 swimmers
  2. 12,000 strokes
  3. 11.6 miles of open water
  4. 1 message
On July 17-24, 2015, four brave souls—powered by optimum sustainable wellness technology—will begin their mission to Swim to Africa across the treacherous Strait of Gibraltar, attempting to repeat the successful 2010 expedition of the same name.

By embarking on this ambitious expedition, our team hopes to educate and inspire others to realize what each of us can achieve through training with science and by making sustainable health and wellness choices. We believe in the importance of being active and in making healthy choices within our communities and with the planet in mind, because we believe that our collective wellness is dependent on the wellness of this extraordinary planet.

More than 8 times the people have summited Mt. Everest than completed this perilous swim.

optimumMe technology is helping these intrepid swimmers reach this goal through assistance with personal, customized evidence-based and science-driven knowledge from people who truly know anatomy and physiology. Optimum has an extensive professional network of physical therapists that is available to help energize and navigate your unique journey toward capturing your goals, too.
Find out more at optimumcareprovider.com

By attempting the Swim to Africa, we hope to energize you to take control of your own sustainable wellness journey and unlock your full wellness potential.

By achieving your optimal "me," you help others find their optimal "you," and together we create
an optimal "we," achieving real wellness for all so that we can all get the most life out of this
wonderful life.

Meet the Optimum 4

Alan Morelli

Alan Morelli

No stranger to open water, Alan successfully organized a swim across the Strait of Gibraltar in 2010 with five other swimmers — a group that set the record for the most swimmers to cross in one day. Driven by a desire to inspire and educate others on how to experience true wellness, this dedicated CEO has competed in many open water swims and dozens of triathlons, including Ironman and ITU long course racing, several national championships and world championships. Alan sees this next swim as a chance to lead a group of fellow executives to attempt a feat previously reserved only for elite swimmers and Olympians like Ky Hurst and Brendan Capell, who were part of the record-setting group in 2010. This attempt to Swim to Africa will test the will of each swimmer and the OptimumMe platform, which the swimmers have spent roughly three months using in preparation and training for this ultra-distance swim.
Brian Wing

Brian Wing

An accomplished business executive (CPA, COO, CFO) and decisive leader who shepherds organizations to success, Brian has a passion and innate knack for overcoming near-impossible odds with strategy and grace. He approaches the Swim to Africa challenge with excitement and a deeper responsibility to demonstrate to his three children that "anything is possible if you set your mind to it." When he isn't in the office finding solutions to complex business problems, Brian competes in Ironman competitions, marathons, triathlons, and cycling events. He also enjoys spending time with his family outdoors going hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and hitting the open road — whether packed into the family car all together or alone on his motorcycle.

Larry OShea

An attorney and Board member of Optimis who loves the outdoors, Larry has completed numerous triathlons from sprint distances all the way up to the World Championships at both the Ironman and Half Ironman distances, as well as running races from 5Ks up through the Boston Marathon as recently as 2014. He now sets his sights on this epic swim and looks forward to realizing the end result of his in-depth, customized training and in completing this exclusive accomplishment. Larry believes that there is an inner athlete in everyone and that with the proper tools everyone can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle that will benefit themselves, as well as their loved ones. He believes, "a body at rest stays at rest, while a body in motion stays in motion."
Scott Schroeder

Scott Schroeder

Finding that a pursuit of health is a contagious and repetitive everyday theme which adds vitality to his life and clarity to his work, this Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of Optimis is looking forward to crossing this aquatic feat off his "bucket list." A competitor who ditches the tie to successfully participate in several marathons, triathlons, cycling events, and even an Ironman Australia event, Scott looks forward to training with his best friends for this latest physical challenge and to set an example for his three children to always "pursue their wildest dreams."

Join the Movement

Help us make the Swim to Africa a success. By donating, you'll be helping our team spread the vision of sustainable wellness for all.

A portion of funds raised will go directly to aid Children's Medical Center Foundation, to assist our littlest adventurers in reaching wellness.

To ensure that the next generation of bold swimmers and explorers can enjoy this big, beautiful world, we're also giving back with a donation of money raised from our event to the renowned non-profit, 1% For the Planet, an alliance of businesses that pledge to support non-profits that are focused on issues of sustainability.
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